Reblogging this post by Mary – what a wonderful and painless way to rid your garden of snails. And she’s so funny!!!

mary mary quite contrary

Always have , always will.  I have tried everything to get rid of them.

There was the time with small kids when we did a counting game after the rain.  There they were – snailing and trailing across the lawn – easy pickings, and we released a whole bucket- load at the river so we could save God’s creatures!

One thing I do like about them, though, is that scrunch when you get one just-right underfoot.  That was another rainy game and we must have stomped, crushed and quite frankly murdered over a hundred. It didn’t feel quite right and my father-in-law died the next day.

And so I moved on to those horrid blue pellets that send them off to die slowly of dehydration under a bush, but somehow you don’t feel responsible ‘coz it is someone else’s idea.

Not perfect, but definitely better, until the day I discovered Goldilocks and the three Beers…

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