Weekend in review

Yikes, it’s Monday already.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I had an averagely productive one.  Could have done more but, hey, what’s a weekend without a couple of afternoon naps in it, right?

Got started on a new set of mosaic crucifixes (jigsawed by Rob):


Came close to finishing the shoulder sack that Tamara kindly sent me the pattern for:

Crocheted a shawl for Rabbit, with flower by Doreen:

And even got my hands dirty in the garden, filling a couple of black bags with weeds and getting some cuttings ready to pot up and give as a gift to an ex-colleague with a new garden:

Right, that’s that.  New week – new list.

To be continued…


12 thoughts on “Weekend in review

  1. Patch

    Ooooo an afternoon nap sounds like a wonderful idea…. No chance of that here ;) It was Karate, winter coat shopping, crochet, bedroom tidying, homework, trombone practice, friends visiting and 8th birthday party at Laserzone, more crochet…. Phew! Need a weekend to get over my weekend!

  2. tgonzales

    Hi Jill,

    I love that you got some things done and it’s always nice to get to take a few naps in between. I really love the colors you chose for your bag. :)

    Love and Hugs,

  3. Mrs M

    That rabbit is so cute!
    I also attacked my garden, but it attacked back. I’m aching today and have some pretty big scratches!


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