Yesterday, today and Tamara

Funny how sometimes a person can get right inside your head, even if you’ve never met them (even if they aren’t actually real, like a character from a novel). That has happened to me with some of the friends I’ve made through blogging, one of whom is Tamara from Crochet with Tamara.

I have a beautiful bag that I purchased from her earlier this year, it is hanging on my wall in my bedroom where it is a source of inspiration to me.  One day, when I’m ready,  I’ll take it off the hook and use it, but not just yet.

I have a couple of garments in my wardrobe, waiting for me to have a Tamara moment and renovate them into the kind of funky and striking clothes that I know they can be. You know, for my funky image!!! ha

I also love Tamara’s shoulder sack “purse” (what we call a “bag”), and she’s posted a couple of photos of ones she has made recently.  There is something about the shape of the bag that appeals to me, so she kindly shared her pattern and I made one myself. Not the greatest crochet success, as it happens, because I got the bottom a bit wonky and may also have decreased more on one side of the strap than the other. But, hey, I finished it, right!?


And what’s a bag without a flower?

Now it just needs a lining, but that’s for future Jill.

To be continued…


7 thoughts on “Yesterday, today and Tamara

  1. tgonzales

    Oh Jill!

    Oh My Gosh! Your words touched my heart and made me cry like a baby. Thanks so much for such kind words about me. By the way I feel the same way about you. You are inspiration to me and lot more people. I love reading about all that you are doing and I love the photos of your creations. I can’t wait to see your Tamarafied outfits; you funky person you. Oh and another thing now that I’ve cried like a baby my dose (nose) is all plugged up and I can hardly breade (breathe)!

    Hey, I love your bag and you probably know that I adore flowers. Thanks for sharing.

    Love and Hugs,

      1. tgonzales

        I know what you mean. I have to carry paper with me so that if I think of something I try to write it down before another thought comes into my head and erases the first one. I hope you have a wonderful day and week. Love and Hugs, Tamara

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