Just some random thoughts

Sometimes I wonder if I don’t have some kind of late-onset attention deficit disorder. I seem to live my life by lurching from one thing to another (chores, projects, errands, rest periods, etc) in a haphazard and sometimes frenetically erratic series of moments. I can be halfway through writing a post when I suddenly leap up to check whether I have red 4-ply wool for a shawl I was thinking about making the other day, from a pattern I got from Janet. Wandering from the lounge to the kitchen to look for a ruler to measure a photo frame that I’m taking pics of to list on Etsy, I will start on the dirty dishes to be done, then rush back to my bedroom to check on a quote that I can’t get out of my head in a book by Rachel Cusk because I think I left it next to my bed, and en route find myself glueing bits of mirror onto a Number One for a new mosaic order.
Can this go on? Can I help it? Does this swiss-cheese method of activity work to my advantage, or am I at the mercy of an inability to concentrate on any single thing for longer than 60 seconds? Sometimes I


14 thoughts on “Just some random thoughts

  1. Patch

    Lol! Can’t answer your questions but it sounds very familiar. I seem to be worse now Little J is at school too… I’m like it all day as opposed to only the half of the day he was at Nursery!! Some days are worse than others. Some days I just can’t focus at all.

  2. rowena

    But can you remember why it was you went from one room to another, even if you don’t do what you meant to? If you can, then you’re ahead of me! If my experience is anything to go by it will only get more pronounced as time goes on……

  3. tgonzales


    Where’s the Love Button! I loved this post because I feel the same way most days. Then other days just go smoothly and I can concentrate and achieve so much. I embrace the clear days and get frustrated with myself on the ADHD days. Don’t feel bad. I think there are more people out there that feel the same way you do, than not. They just don’t have the nerve (I really wanted to say “Balls”, whoops I guess I did) to admit it. Thanks so much for my laugh of the day. :)

    Love & (((Hugs)))!

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      and here I was thinking there was something wrong with me… I am getting the message loud and clear now, first from Trish, then Rowena, and now wonderful you. I am about to launch myself into the street screaming with raucous abandon – I AM NOT ALONE!!! ((unless I remember something else I need to do on the way out))

  4. The Little Room of Rachell

    I’m doing this too all the time. I’ve a;ways been organised, focused and a bit on the nerdy side. I wonder if I have early onset-dementia or am heading to early menopause! I am not really jesting either.I can’t seem to settle or work methodically some days. Is it hormones? Lack of structure? Global warming? A negative effect of crochet?!

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Ahhh – the hormonal aspect hadn’t occurred to me. Not sure if you meant it as a joke!? I’m thinking of starting a support group: we could refer to it as Late Onset Attention Deficit Disorder, or LOADD for short. As in, “take a loadd off”.

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