National Pincushion Day

No, not really – I just made it up, but I like how it sounds.  I think I’ll keep it. Who gets to pick which things get national or international days, and which days those should be, anyway? I know the biggies are all taken, and lots of them are completely noble causes worthy of both our awareness and whatever we have left over from our monthly disposable income packs — but what about the smaller things? International Chocolate Day. National Blanket Day (ie. stay in bed).  National Junk Day (ie. turn an empty jar of Marmite into a work of art with 3 buttons and a dried mango pip).  International Zap-Sign-Bad-Drivers-Day (ie. obvious).  International Chocolate Week.  Oh yes.

Back to where I was.  Pincushions.  I made a very superficial garage run yesterday (I need to have my own National Garage-Clear-Out Day), and found these girls: I forgot how much I liked them once. And now that they’re going to be famous, I like them all over again.

I was into needlepoint and cross-stitch in an overwhelmingly obsessive way a few years ago. Thank heavens the phase passed – I’d never get any crochet done if it hadn’t. The little needlepoint ones were stitched with 6 strands of DMC embroidery floss on 18-count canvas. I used to kit them up and sell them. Gosh, must have raised enough money from those to pay for a trip all the way to Mowbray and back.

And here are some other pincushions, the real live leucospermum kind:

Spotted at my local nursery earlier today while shopping for compost. And at the prices they’re charging now for that shit stuff, you’d think it was International Compost Day.

To be continued…

12 thoughts on “National Pincushion Day

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Thanks. Since posting this just now, I went digging under my bed and found my old cross-stitch box with one third of the last project completed. I think I started it over 7 years ago….

  1. yarnchick40

    I suggest that we continue to observe this annually just to see if it catches on. It would be a social experiment that could possibly change the world. Or we could just drink wine. And eat chocolate. That would be fine too.


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