Bowled over

Today I intend to:
1. Hang up my washing in the sun and not leave it in the machine for another 24 hours
2. Include lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, apples, sunflower seeds and other colon-friendly and bone-building foods in my diet
3. Make Alex’s bedroom good and tidy
4. Not pull rude signs at taxi drivers on the road even though they all deserve every rude sign they get
5. Visit Doreen and tell her how grateful I am to have found her
6. Drink coffee out of my new button mug that doesn’t really have buttons but just looked like it did when I bought it

7. Not allow myself to get stressed over silly small things
8. Get to the post office and send things overseas to lovely people
9. Update my blogroll (DONE) – yay (see right)
10. Shave my legs (winter is over so I can no longer justify needing the extra warmth)
11. Post photos of my most recent crochet efforts:

Yes, they are bowls. I proudly showed the first one to Rob the other night: he tore his gaze from his laptop screen for a second, glanced at my offering, said blankly, “Oh. Nice. What does it do?”, and went back to news24. Pearls, I tell you, pearls.

To be continued…


15 thoughts on “Bowled over

  1. Patch

    Definitely pearls lol! I’m with you on number one… Nothing worse than stinky washing but sadly it happens here occaisionally. But I will be doing the opposite of number 10… Autumn here ;) Oh… And I have a dentists appointment.

  2. tgonzales


    Oh my gosh I love the bowls and your list of to do items crack me up. (especially #10) For us fall is here and you never know just what to wear. One day it’s 43 degrees and the next day it’s 70. Thanks so much for my inspiration and laugh of the day.

    Love and Hugs,

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I know! This one is pretty funny, actually, and there have been some classic comments. When he first realised the full extent of my wool stash, about four years ago, he said, “But…but…but doesn’t this stuff ever go off?”


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