Birthday bowl

I made this for a friend’s birthday, which is tomorrow but we are having a birthday lunch today.

I plan to replace the apples with sweets or chocolates. I know I’d prefer that!

I meant to add to yesterday’s post, about the crocheted bowls, a couple of links to sites and images that inspired me to make my own. I haven’t copied anyone’s ideas but still don’t want to not give credit where it is due! These were the two that really got me going: Bunny Mummy and Sugar Loops. They are both so stunningly clever. This is the kind of thing that stays in my head, bouncing around playfully at first but gradually more insistently from side to side, until I give in and pick up a hook.

To be continued…

12 thoughts on “Birthday bowl

  1. Gail

    I was lucky enough to be at the birthday lunch and see the bowl of crunchies ‘in the flesh’ – crunchies smelt so yummy and the bowl is stunning.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      :-) Thanks, Gail, but I still feel so stupid for posting the bowl BEFORE the lunch — never occurred to me Michelle would read it in the morning. :(


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