Gail’s turquoise gift and some township art

Gail is a friend of mine who retired earlier this year.  I think she has always been a closet crafter, and one of her retirement presents was a swanky new sewing machine. You’ll see she has been putting it to good use:

At Michelle’s birthday lunch yesterday, Gail gave her this stunning hand-made tea shower, in rainbow colours with turquoise lace.  I was most envious.  (Gail, fyi, my own birthday isn’t too far off….). Not shy, me.

The day before yesterday, I had stopped at the atm to draw some cash for grocery shopping, petrol and other bills (you don’t have to say it, I know I am weird for not banking online, I have an inexplicable antipathy to it); after that, I was on my way to Doreen’s place for a crafting morning.  It wasn’t 10 minutes later that I had been waylaid at the robots by Adam, a most charming young man with a sales pitch and the sort of confidence that even Dale Carnegie could have learned something from.  He was selling his multi-media township paintings, and I was but putty in his hands.  There went most of the contents of my purse.

I now have this on my lounge wall:

and I do love it. Let’s hope I also love living mainly on lentils and government bread for the rest of the month :-)

To be continued…








14 thoughts on “Gail’s turquoise gift and some township art

  1. tgonzales

    Oh Jill!

    I’m with you about the painting. It’s wonderful and so are you for supporting that young man. You never know he may become famous someday and you will have one of his first pieces. :)

    Love and Hugs,

  2. rowena

    I’m whispering……. what’s a tea shower, please, and what would I do with it, if I had one? (This is going to be so embarrassing, if it’s a shower for tea….)

    1. Nice piece of work

      Well Rowena, it’s a piece of holey fabric (usually netting) than is used to drape over teacups and milk jugs and sugar bowls or anything really to keep the flies and bugs out. It’s probably really only something that is used a lot when people have their tea outdoors or at a picnic or an early dinner al fresco or a braai. ((I suppose people who live in cold climates where the summer season lasts for 8 minutes would have no need of a tea shower. In which case, you could hang it on the wall across a small dowel rod and poke earrings through it.)) Very organised and domestically-oriented people have tea showers, and there is the reason I’ve never had one of my own.
      So, actually, it isn’t a stupid question at all because where does the word shower come into it?

      1. rowena

        Thank goodness for that! I suppose here, we might just use a clean t-towel on the rare occasions when a cover might be needed! But you have reminded me that a SA friend here in London does have pretty crocheted doily-type things edges with beads which she uses as a cover if she’s ever got anything in a jug.

        But a wall hinging with ear rings, now that sounds fun too!

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