Rondebosch Market October 2012

Jam Tarts was at Rondebosch Market yesterday. It was evident that people are starting to buy presents for Christmas and others have an end-of-year overseas trip planned, so they can buy items that are winter-friendly.

A friend of Rob’s passed on a couple of body hangers which are wonderful for displaying shawls. Only thing is (and a couple of people commented on this as well), I think they’ll look better with knickers. What do you think?

And a happy ending for the first mirror I made with broken crockery:

To be continued…


21 thoughts on “Rondebosch Market October 2012

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Rowena had suggested flowers strung together ( a bit tongue in cheek, though, I think) and Alison suggests crochet. I’m thinking something simple – like a thong!?

  1. yarnchick40

    I vote for a crochet fig leaf. Frankie’s vote is for the thong. My mom would probably suggest a French bikini consisting of 2 bandaids and a cork – but she’s often inappropriate like that. Woah ~ did I just say that out loud? I need a nap. (Beautiful stuff you are making there girl! Have a fabulous week!)

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Did you just say ‘cork’? Please tell me you didn’t just say ‘cork’, or that it was a typo?

      1. yarnchick40

        Sorry, but my mom thinks that French bikinis are waaaay too skimpy. Seriously inappropriate…funny, but oh so wrong.

      2. Nice piece of work Post author

        No apology required. I’m still choking on my morning coffee so thanks for wonderful body-shaking laugh!

  2. Maryanne

    HAHAHAH teas is spurting out of my nose as we speak – not the most attractive look! Best I get my step mum to send you a pair of crocheted knickers instead – save the corks!!! PLEASE save the corks! Love all your pics Jill, what a gorgeous colourful market day!


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