There’s a recession on?

If most of us are looking for new ways to cut monthly costs and budget more efficiently (baked beans on toast, anyone?) (cycle to work, maybe?), no-one seems to have told the good people of Somerset West. Yesterday evening Anne and Megan treated me to a trip to the opening of the now very famous Kamersvol Geskenke at the Lourensford Wine Estate out in that verdant, rich part of the Western Cape. (Kamersvol Geskenke is Afrikaans for Rooms full of gifts).

It was the most stupendous and overflowing cornucopia of gorgeous handmade art, craft, clothing, jewellery, furniture, gardens, just…EVERYTHING …that I have ever seen. The quality of the products was just incredible, and the place was PACKED to capacity. The tills and credit card machines were struggling under the pressure, and there was no sign of any let-up by closing time at 8pm.

I’ve managed to restrict myself to a few photos here, to give you a rough idea.

And to think I might not have gone at all if the girls hadn’t pushed me.
To be continued…

11 thoughts on “There’s a recession on?

  1. Crochet Missy

    That looks like a lot of fun. I really like the aqua coloured ceramics but the thing I liked most of all (but not sure why) was the and cups! I have no idea why but they are great.

  2. tgonzales

    Hi Jill!

    It sounds like you had a great time and oh I do love the table with the circley things all over it and the red and turquoisey plates. Lovely things; thanks so much for sharing them with us.

    Love and Hugs,


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