House slippers

I bought this pattern from Mamachee on Etsy the other day: Oma House Slippers, and am loving it.

I made a pair in thick cream cotton for Alison’s birthday, and this pair below in a sort of soft tubing in teal for Issy’s birthday yesterday, and the pair in Shetland Chunky in blue is for a friend who is flying back to her home in California today. I thought they would be perfect for wearing on a plane, when you need to be as comfy as possible.

I also wanted to make my own yarn from t-shirt fabric, which is what that blue stuff is above, with pictures of horses on it. I found the tutorial here: Polka Dot Pineapple. It felt like such a mission to make it and then to only end up with two small balls, but it’s obviously a very cost-effective material for slippers. And I plan to make a million more. Unfortunately that won’t be today – I have woken up with a very sore throat and ear and headache, so this is the sound of me shuffling back to my bed right now…pad pad pad.

To be continued…


22 thoughts on “House slippers

  1. tgonzales


    I’m so glad that you mentioned the house slippers from Mamachee, because I have been looking at her patterns for a long time now wanting to buy the Oma House Slippers pattern, but wasn’t for sure if they would work. (I have purchased way too many patterns that don’t)Thanks for inspiring me to go ahead and purchase the pattern and give it a try.

    I hope you feel better real soon; just rest!

    Love and Hugs,

    1. Nice piece of work

      This is the first pattern I have bought from Etsy, and frankly it never occurred to me that it wouldn’t be a good experience! It’s a dream to do, only 8 rows of big fat stitches! :-)
      Am already feeling better than earlier, although one can never have too many naps. :)

  2. rainbowjunkiecorner

    Interested to see how the t-shirt yarn slippers come out. I have lots of old t-shirts.
    And much sympathy for your illness. I have just spent the last few days with a bad cold myself. It’s just no fun! :-)

  3. Patch

    Oh, so sorry you are not feeling good. Definitely back to bed. Did the pattern work well? They look great and, like Tamara, I have been enjoying Mamachee’s patterns for a while but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Perhaps I will soon….. Hmmmm….. Maybe Christmas slippers for boys???

    1. Nice piece of work

      The pattern worked like an absolute dream, it’s only 8 rows in total, believe it or not. It comes in 5 different sizes as well, so you could indeed do them for the boys for Christmas, maybe in red and green!? :) They have a bit of a girly look to them, though, but I see that Mamachee has billions of patterns on Etsy and I would definitely recommend her. How about Christmas slippers for yourself? x

  4. Havok

    Those are great! They look uber-comfy, and I’m sure out of the t-shirt yarn, they’d be even better! Something about t-shirts just screams comfort. On ones’ feet? I can only imagine!


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