late night/early morning owlet

I’m not much of a one for making soft toys but I came across this last night – Hoot Owl pattern – and the next thing I knew, I had wool and a hook in my hand.

I finished the body while waiting for Alex and Danielle to get back from the Westerford matric art exhibition, and first thing this morning I was up at 4.45 doing the eyes and sewing it together. I had to find buttons from the button box under the coffee table in the lounge and it was still quite dark, so the two I thought were a match turned out not to be. I couldn’t be bothered to go back and hunt for another one so my poor owl now has a bit of an eye problem.

But he can still see you.

To be continued…

16 thoughts on “late night/early morning owlet

  1. Jane

    David Bowie has two different eyes and see how well he did for himself! I think that this owl has a great future ahead of him. You are amazing the way you just whip these things up inbetween day and night…

    1. Nice piece of work

      An owl called Bowie. Cool name. Jane, he’s very small, really didn’t take long! But you’re right, I AM amazing. :-) hahahaha
      Are you going to be able to pop into Nazareth House Friday or Saturday? Jam Tarts has new stock of crucifixes and car rosaries. Just up your street.

  2. yarnchick40

    He really is fab ~ and Bowie is a perfect name :) I also like that buttons boxes belong under the coffee table at your house too…isn’t that where they are supposed to go?


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