man down

That sore throat thing that started a couple of days ago? and that I thought was just fleeting? Well, it’s turned into something rather horrible. I’ve just logged in to announce that I feel really ill (I know, how important do I think I am, right?), and am going to stay in bed all day moaning softly and wiping my own brow and praying that I feel better by tomorrow so that I can handle the Nazareth House fair.

To be continued…

10 thoughts on “man down

  1. Jane

    Shame Jill. Bad timing. (Well, I guess it’s never a good time to feel ill.) I’ll send some ‘bug-banishing’ thoughts your way. Going away for the weekend so will have to buy that rosary next time. Hope you feel better and that the fair is more than fair. x

  2. Gail

    Get well soon, Jill. I’m sending you healing vibes. Gargle few times a day with 2 drops of tea tree oil in warm water – works wonders for a sore throat. xxx


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