Rest and recreation

Well, after yesterday, all I can conclude is that you lovely people out there have strong mental powers of encouragement and therapeutic support. I was being very pathetic, I know, but after a visit to the GP and some bed rest (quite a lot actually), I am ‘on the mend’ as my nanna used to say, and very ready to get myself to the market/fair in Vredehoek by 12 o’clock. Thank you for all your kind thoughts, they were and are much appreciated.

So, while resting, I made some new necklaces and prevailed on Alex to model them in the kitchen last night.

I have another 5 or 6 to do, and will get to them right after I’ve done this post. I also have to finish a couple of other things as well just now – pink chalkboard flowers, sew in ends of slippers and flower them up, rub down and polish up crucifixes, finish bigger owl’s eye and beak, and find the right shade for the whisky bottle lamp that Rob made. We figure that idea will be a big hit at Christmas, because when the multicoloured fairy lights inside it are turned on, it looks like Blackpool in a bottle!

Let me go do those things now, while my positive mood lasts :-)
Hope you all have a great Friday, and a fabulous weekend full of [insert your personal choice of favourite activities here].

To be continued…

18 thoughts on “Rest and recreation

  1. tgonzales


    I’m so glad that you’re feeling much better now and good luck at your market. I love the necklaces and your daughter is a very good model indeed. She’s beautiful.

    Love and Hugs,

  2. daniellajoe

    Glad you are feeling better Jill, take it easy so your creative juices can flow :-). P.S your daughter helps you too?? and that lamp is absolutey fab, is that your design?? sorry for all the questions….

    1. Nice piece of work

      Creative juices? The only ‘juices’ I had left when I got home last night propelled me straight into my jamies and bed! But it was a good day, despite horrible wind, so today we are all hoping for even better. :-)
      Tomorrow- I sleep like three babies.


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