Putting the sparkle back

Anne was asked by one of her colleagues to copy a crocheted sequinny bag that she loved but was old and falling to bits. This is what she came up with:

So, she brings it round to show me and asks tentatively, “Do you think she’ll like it?” My jaw was still on the ground at the gorgeous-ness of this bag, but I quickly snapped it back up and said, “No, I think she’ll hate it. You’d better give it to me instead.”

To be continued….

14 thoughts on “Putting the sparkle back

    1. Nice piece of work

      Yes, it has a zip, and a lining and everything. I know it was fiddly to do because she kept muttering about it but I think even she’s impressed with herself at the finished product :-) I detest zips and avoid them wherever possible.


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