Cheap Luxury – Xmas craft #2

I quite enjoyed doing that super-quick crafty thing with tinsel and paint for Cheap Luxury yesterday, so here’s another one. I saw something similar done with toilet rolls on the internet somewhere, so I came up with a Christmassy variation:

1.  Flatten a toilet roll tube and cut into 4 equal sections.  You’ll need more than one tube per flower.

2.  Using a glue gun, glue five or six ‘petals’ together in the shape of a flower.

3. Spray with gold spray paint. I also used some gold glitter glue for sparkle.

4. When dry, stick a red button in the centre of the flower, tie on a bit of red ribbon, and hang up somewhere to catch the light or on your Christmas tree.

Once again, be VERY CAREFUL when you use a glue gun – those babies get super hot.

To be continued…

19 thoughts on “Cheap Luxury – Xmas craft #2

  1. tgonzales


    What a great idea. I always wondered if there was something useful that you could make out of toilet paper rolls and now you found it. Your flowers are beautiful. :-)



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