oranges and apples

I love it when I’ve had something lying uselessly around for ages waiting for me to conjure up its destiny, and then I do!

I found a bag of these fabric flowers at a weird dusty little habby shop in Retreat months ago, and finally it came to me – stick them on a paper lantern.


I smoothed some cold glue onto each flower, covering it quite well, then smoothed the flower onto the paper.  When it was dry, I splodged on some modge podge just to make sure it wouldn’t fall off later. The podge has given the surface quite a nice varnishy look, so I might add more later and see what happens. Even if the paper gets damp and goes transparent, I’ve discovered that it will dry back to normal.

And now that the previously-disadvantaged flowers have had a happy ending, I think I will have to go back and scrummage (rummage?) for more.

Lastly, just a quickie idea – last night my honorary in-laws took us all for dinner at Al’s Grill in Rondebosch. Jason ordered an Appletiser and, after he’d poured it into his glass, something about the shape of the bottle spoke to me. I took it home, washed it, sloshed some white acrylic paint inside, and let it dry overnight. Now it looks like this:

I love the lime-green effect. Apologies for the lousy picture, I get very excited when I’m ready to post about something and am in too much of a rush to spend time on the styling or the background. heh

To be continued…

16 thoughts on “oranges and apples

  1. rowena

    Something about bringing the bottle home and painting it has really made me laugh this morning. Thank you! Your house must be so full of stuff!!

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Glad I made you laugh. I don’t have a house, dammit, I have a FLAT. Although it has 3 bedrooms and its own garden and garage, it is indeed overflowing. I constantly trip over things.

      1. tgonzales

        You’re welcome. I’m really not a very nice person. I’m sure if you write or talk about something that is unpleasant to me I will respond accordingly. But that hasn’t happened so far! Love and Hugs, Tamara ;)

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I’ve had them lying around for ages…but the guys who sell on the side of the road near Rondebosch Common have stunning bead flowers at the moment. The intersection of Liesbeek Parkway and Belmont Rd, next to Silwood. Let me know if you want me to pick some up for you :-)


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