Bikinis and hot water bottles

Odd combination, I know (but I told you, we have funny weather in Cape Town!)

First off, I’m experimenting with patterns for crochet bikini tops (and bottoms, eventually). The free pattern for this is here.

This is how far I’ve got, still on the first cup but it’s going quite quickly.

I’m using Vinni’s cotton Nikkim and a 3mm hook, but I might switch to a thinner cotton and a smaller hook – the size I’m doing says A cup, but this is starting to look more like a C to me.  And of course when it’s finished I will need a model… any takers?- because it sure as hell isn’t going to be me!!!

I also bought a pattern off Etsy last night, where the top is worked in rows across instead of up and around, if you know what I mean. It’s good to keep abreast of these things, I think.  One doesn’t want to be a boob.

Last week I found some mini hot water bottles on one of my trips through the craft/DIY wholesalers, and Anne decided to rise to the challenge. Here are her two first attempts at crocheted covers, which I think are awesome:


These will be on sale from Jam Tarts at the next market we attend, which is this coming Saturday 17 November at St Stephens Church in Pinelands. (This Saturday?! argh… why do we do this to ourselves???)

To be continued….

26 thoughts on “Bikinis and hot water bottles

  1. Maryanne

    Oooh gorgeous! I have always loved the idea of crocheted bikinis (not ON me obviously pffft), just in time for the summer loving beach babes!!! And the mini hot water bottles are adorable :)

  2. tgonzales

    Hi Jill!

    I love the idea of you making bikinis. I’m afraid my bikini wearing days are over. The yarn isn’t stiff enough to pull my boobs up high enough to keep them from staying down around my waistline. :-) Oh by the way the hot water bottle covers are cute too. Good luck at the market.


    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I’m rolling! I thought maybe I could make a bikini for myself, but I would have to use superchunky cotton (for that hoik-up effect you mentioned), and then I’d have to join the bikini top and bottom together with some sort of stretchy yarn so that it would have a built-in holder for my jelly belly rolls…. sigh. And some sort of tent skirt thing attached to cover my thighs… Hmmm, I’m thinking “bikini burka”.

      1. tgonzales

        BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I also meant to mention that I don’t think there is enough yarn or money (for that matter) to get me to wear one at this stage of my life.

  3. stitchedupmama

    Great idea; I’m sure there are some slender young things who would look stunning wearing these! Count me out as a model; I was never the right shape for a bikini (let’s just say I have too much shape) … =D

  4. cupcakemummy

    those bikinis are awesome! can’t wait to see what it looks like finished. always wanted one but jirre my boobs are just too big, can never find anything that fits nice or actually covers all of em up


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