super quick – like life!

A super quick post today, to satisfy my list of Things To Do – am madly trying to get my flat ready for Sunday’s Open Day (which a helpful neighbour picked up on and advertised on my behalf in our local e-paper – ack!) – but things are looking better already. I was even able to get into bed last night without first having to shift piles of fabric, buttons and crochet cotton.

A possible solution for an oversupply of buttons (Trish, this is mainly for you):

This is going to be my new hookboard for keys next to the front door. I seem to be wasting at least 15 minutes searching for my car keys before I rush out these days.  Now I just need to find hooks…

Bikini update: slowly slowly catchee monkey.

I’ve been playing around with sizes and patterns and different cottons, and it’s eventually coming right.  My “bikini contact” tells me that she knows of another shop in Cape Town keen to stock these, so I really really need to focus now.

And something completely irrelevant: these photos are on my bookshelves, and something made me look at them a bit more closely when I was photographing the button hearts.  My daughter at 9 months, and me at 25 years (with my lovely Nanna):   

Where where where does the time go…


25 thoughts on “super quick – like life!

  1. Patch

    Oooooo thanks Jill. I like. I am collecting button ideas (as well as buttons!), I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to them…. Just need to find the time to do some of them!!! Where does the time go indeed.

      1. Maryannemiluke

        I know, we’ll get there! I am hoping to start a regular get-together next year with like-minders maybe once a month or so just to share, network, buy/sell, crochet, natter, drink coffee/wine, eat cake/chocolate…you know, the usual! Would be great to connect like that – maybe our friends Angelpai and others too x

  2. tgonzales


    I love your key holder and I know the bikinis will go over well. And AWWWW the pictures are priceless. Where does the time go? Good luck on your show and can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Love and Hugs,

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      It was 24 December 1986, I was getting ready to go to a friend’s dinner party and another friend, Pam, had come to visit; she took the photo. Pam now lives in San Francisco and the friend who held the dinner party lives in Canada and is no longer a friend!!! I had the most wonderful Nan, who knows where I would have ended up if not for her !? :-)


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