Four Goldbergs and a birthday

19 years ago I was in the labour ward at Constantiaberg Hospital with monitors and epidurals and a husband with a newspaper.  Breakfast was delivered, weirdly, even though I wasn’t supposed to eat anything – but nothing goes to waste around here, and I seem to remember that Melvin said they’d got the poached eggs just right.

I was reading The Tax Inspector by Peter Carey and letting the professionals do their stuff.  There was a phone close to my bed, so I took the opportunity to call Karen and ask her to bring plenty of food when she first came to visit. I’m organised like that!

By lunchtime nothing much had happened and Alex was taking her sweet time. Melvin decided to go for a drive. I was still busy reading and hoping that Karen had managed to find Milo bars.  Another check-up  – uh oh, things have gone fast forward – do you think you could put your book down now, Mrs Goldberg?

Melvin came back early from his drive, with just minutes to spare before the main action.  I was the centre of attention for far less time than I’d anticipated, then the spotlight fell on little Miss Goldberg. And it’s kind of stayed that way ever since.


Last night we went out for dinner to celebrate. Alex chose Fork in Long Street, a trendy new venue where I hope a lot of society people noticed me.



Happy birthday, my Lex, Lexi, Pixel, Muchi, Alexandra, Chickster. I wish you all love and happiness for ever.

To be continued…


18 thoughts on “Four Goldbergs and a birthday

  1. Pam

    Happy 19th birthday to Alex, and best wishes for many more – the last time I saw her was before we emigrated in 1994! You had come up to Joeys to visit your Mom and grandmother. She was a beautiful baby then, and is a very pretty young lady now. Can’t wait to meet here again one day soon xoxo

  2. tgonzales

    Hi Jill!

    Please wish your lovely daughter a happy birthday from me. I love the pictures of you then and now. It looks like you may have grown up together; just like me and my daugther? I hope her day is as beautiful as both of you.

    Love and Hugs,


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