This bikini business has become a bit of a nagmerrie, as we say down here (you’ve really got to phlegm-up the g and roll those r’s to get the full onomatopoeic gist of the word). What a mission.
I’ve tried so many different combinations of patterns and cottons and thicknesses and hooks and sizes that I’m in a quite a state. These photos are only the tip of the iceberg, and they probably give the impression that I’ve got it all under control, but I don’t.

Here are some attempts, shown on Miss Boobalicious. She’s a bit pale but on the other hand she doesn’t move much.






The white one is lovely but the cups are too pointy, and the centre point is too high up. The blue one is a lovely pattern and quick to make, but the same cotton for the pants would be too bulky, plus I don’t like the way they do the strings. Either find another way, plus use a different cotton, and then a smaller hook as well, or work in more rows….. argh. The halter-type top worked well and was really nice to make, but it isn’t what was originally asked for. It’s also too thick.

Anyway, I have two more patterns to try out, one courtesy of the incredible designer Cindy Kamps (who sent an old trusted pattern to me purely out of kindness) and the other from the Wonky Zebra in the UK, from whom I had ordered a pattern on Etsy and received an extra one, also as a courtesy bonus. What lovely ladies. I guess they understand – and you all will, too – what a BLOODY NIGHTMARE it can be sometimes to find EXACTLY THE RIGHT PATTERN…..

Rob commented innocently the other day, “Those bikinis seem to be taking a long time, don’t they, I thought they wanted them for this summer?”, but then he found it impossible to speak through a mouthful of yarn so he had to shut up.

To be continued…


22 thoughts on “Boob-alicious

  1. Patch

    Hmmmm. Tough one. I know the ones you have made don’t looks so good on Miss Boobalicious but I bet there are very few (if any) real people who are the same size and shape as her. Everyone is different. Different shapes, sizes, jiggly-ness…. So maybe they will be perfect for someone??? Also real boobs have more weight to them (mine definitely do lol!!!) and with the effects of gravity, they will pull the cups down. And maybe more into shape??? But then I guess if she is your model then they have to look good on her so people will buy them.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Hmmm. I guess no-one has a body quite like Miss Boob, which is probably just as well because she’s pretty odd, so I should look for something more realistic to display them on. They don’t look like much lying flat. I’m so over them right now, feel like chucking Miss B and all her cups in the bin…

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Really? Am I making things more difficult for myself than I need to? (Wouldn’t be a first…!!!) My daughter wanted to try it on earlier, although I think she was more keen on the bottom half. Me – I’m happier making owls :-)

  2. gentlestitches

    HAHA. I don’t reckon even a ball of yarn could make me stop talking!!!
    HaHa. “Tip of the iceberg” HaHa. (I am so immature sometimes)
    Seriously, they all look lovely.
    I feel your pain. I have the same trouble making amigurumi for my son. He chooses them for birthdays and every year it is a frustrating debacle for a 2.5 inch toy which ends up SUPURB and every one is happy. (and I have more grey hair LOL)

    ah that sweet little voice “isnt it ready yet Mummy?” Soon darling soon…….

  3. tgonzales


    You never cease to amaze me and you always make me laugh. BWAHAHAHAHAHA; The part about Rob was priceless. Oh by the way I think you’ve done a marvelous job on your bikinis. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.

    Love and Hugs,

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Poor Rob, he puts up with so much nonsense from me and my crochet-crafty busy-ness. Did I ever tell you about when he discovered, shortly after we met, the extent of my wool stash? – he stared in amazement and then said, “But doesn’t it ever go off?”

  4. cupcakemummy

    i am LOVING the halterneck one. seriously.
    the others though… erm, not so much. but all personal choice :)
    when you find the right pattern you can teach me to crochet and i’ll happily help you get your stock going. i can knit but not sure a knitted bikini would work so well wahahahaha. plus if my hands are busy my brain is more focused. better for everyone that way haha

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      a focused brain – sigh, what a dream !!!
      I really like the halter one, too, wasn’t expecting to, but it has a really really nice fit. Gives a nice hoik to someone like me who isn’t exactly flat-chested …hahahaha
      I’ll teach you to crochet with pleasure, Let’s have a crochet party in the new year :-)

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I don’t think the halter one would be ideal for swimming, I imagine the cotton would get quite heavy. The white one, and the other ones I’ve made in thinner cotton, are fine for swimming, although frankly it wouldn’t be my personal choice. My guess is that this is the sort of thing that the girls would wear for strutting along the promenade or for a beach party. At my age, I’ll leave them to it! :-)


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