another moomflower

I can post this pic now because the moomflower has just been collected and is about to be handed over as an early Christmas gift. It is for my friend’s niece, who is 14, and apparently she has always admired the one I first made for Alison (here).

moomflower 2

Please note: this is my first attempt at using Ribbet (, and clearly the possibilities are going to be endless. It’s a free download and has loads of special effects and fonts and stickers… I thought I should start putting the Jam Tarts name on my pics in case any of the big international interior designers stumble across my stuff and think how incredibly original it all is hahahahahahahaha

Rondebosch Night Market = big success, by the way. Yay. Exhausted.
Normal Rondebosch market on Saturday morning again, and then I’ll do the Kalk Bay market on Sunday. After which, I really really will break for Christmas.

To be continued…


9 thoughts on “another moomflower

  1. tgonzales


    You are so inspirational. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad to hear that the market was good last night. Good luck on the upcoming ones! Oh by the way we have snow today and winds are blowing at 40 plus miles per hour and the temps are around 28 degrees fahrenheit. I’m trying to send you just a little bit of the coolness. :)

    Love and Hugs,

  2. yarnchick40

    Love it! I’m sure she will absolutely adore it! Thanks for the ribbit tip, I’m kinda liking the butterfly sticker :) PS – I’m with Tara on the snow day thingy, so you have motivated me to make it a productive craft day at home. Smooches!


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