the slippery slope

I have one of these buggers: a slipped disc, possibly caused by carrying a very heavy old door from the spare room to the lounge early this morning, in a lightbulb moment of interior design upcycling. And if it wasn’t that, then it was my demonstration to Alex yesterday of how to do a roll-up in pilates. I haven’t attempted one in nearly five years and, truthfully, it just about flipping killed me.

Either way, I should be typing this standing up or flat on my back, neither of which is comfortable. And since I am to spend the next 3 days resting, and can’t even crochet because I can’t do that flat on my back, I’ll have to take comfort in my Carl Hiassen omnibus and my secret stash of Milo bars and bid you farewell for a little while.

To be continued…

26 thoughts on “the slippery slope

  1. Patch

    Empathising greatly here. Hurt my back (again!) during preparations for NYE. :( I wasn’t doing anything strenuous, just bending to put something in Little J’s cupboard. Still recovering. Hope yours is better soon xxx

      1. cuteasabutton82

        I had a herniated disc, and although the initial injury healed it’s not nearly as strong as it used to be, so sometimes the pain flares up again. Hopefully yours will take a lot less time to get better!

      2. Nice piece of work Post author

        Jeepers, that sounds awful. I guess you know by now what kind of activities will cause the pain to flare up again? Damn nuisance, sometimes, this physical stuff!

      3. cuteasabutton82

        I’m pretty careful now, and know my limits (mostly!) and it doesn’t cause me much trouble thankfully! But yes, the physical stuff can be a bit of a nuisance at times :)

  2. Patch

    Mines a lot better now but is taking longer to mend than it did last time. And like you, sitting is the worst/most uncomfortable thing. Back to work tomorrow too!


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