a year on

Today is my bloggy birthday.


I’m quite pleased with myself – I’ve been pretty good over the years at not finishing what I start (from small things like knitting projects to bigger things like marriage and writing a novel). Usually, I start second-guessing: as in, This jersey doesn’t feel like it’s the right size, rip it out, or I don’t like all the chainy things in this pattern, chuck it in the bin, or This concept isn’t working and you can’t write anyway, no-one will read this crap… I need to stop that. I need to FINISH WHAT I START, even if that requires switching off the self-criticism and putting my doubts on hold.

So, a year of maintaining something that requires regular input and thought and effort is something to be proud of, for me. Meeting all of you and being inspired in return is a huge bonus.

I guess I should announce a give-away to celebrate, like all the generous crafty bloggers do, and I will – but not today. Today I am going to finish allowing my back to recover, and if that means spending it lounging on my bed in pyjamas being served peeled grapes by a virile young Argentinian in a leather crocheted thong with Nickelback’s latest cd in the background, then I must just accept that gracefully.

To be continued…


27 thoughts on “a year on

  1. Jane

    Jill, a year of regular blogging is something to be admired! I don’t know where you find the time to do it, but you do, and I love reading every word. I’m very impressed. (I didn’t know that Rob was Argentinian.). Hope you feel 100% soon. x

  2. Lara

    Jill, if the Argentinian can peel grapes, you should consider swopping the pyjamas for a crocheted bikini .. just a (serving) suggestion. Congratulations on the year of blogging – been a very fun read.

  3. tgonzales


    Congratulations on your year of blogging. I have enjoyed meeting you and reading all about what’s going on in your life. Keep it up and can’t wait for another year full of Nice Piece of Work blogging. I agree you need to give the back another day or two to recover, even if it requires you to be fed those peeled grapes by the crochet thong clad Argentinian. ;)

    Love and Hugs,

  4. rowena

    Enjoy that feeling of achievement, and lie back and relax for as long as the grapes last. I’m not sure the crocheted thong would do it for me though…… Just as well we’re all different.

  5. vardi

    happy blog birthday! – days would be so dull without you in them!!!! – happy your back is recovering – enjoy the rest the music and the grapes! love x

  6. Gail

    Mazeltov and happy bloggy birthday. Hope your grape peeling, thong wearing man is covered by your platinum medical aid scheme. xxx


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