For many days now the creative side of me has been hibernating. None of the usual prompts are helping, so it seems I just have to endure this used-teabag feeling until it dissipates all by itself.

I have managed to do one thing, however, which frankly hasn’t required much in the way of creativity but at least my hands haven’t been idle. I recently ordered a Sharp crochet hook and very happy I am with it. For ages I’d been wanting to be able to crochet directly into the edge of blouses and blankets and cushions, and fiddled around with chain stitches and needles and all kinds of things before finally finding this little treasure.

I have edged some polar fleece blankets and two infinity scarves that definitely have potential:






The black stripey one has a shell edging in a silky yarn (I have no idea what I used, the label got lost) and I used Vinni’s dk cotton Nikkim for the paisley one in shocking pink. I quite like the little pyramid things but they were fiddly.

To be continued…(hopefully sooner rather than later)


20 thoughts on “sharp

  1. yarnchick40

    My morning sunshine? “this used-teabag feeling” We’ve all been there, I just really like the way you describe it! Once you can identify that, you’re halfway to recovering your mojo :) Loving the edgings! They all look super pretty. My granma Amy used to do that and I have always wanted to add it to my gazillion to-dos. Using white polar fleece, brilliant!

  2. tgonzales

    Hi Jill!

    I’m glad that you have kept your hands busy and I especially love the crochet edged fleece blankets. You should have no problem in selling all the things that you make. Thanks for sharing and don’t worry you’ll get your creative energies flowing soon enough. Maybe when you see something shiny? :)

    Love and Hugs,

  3. cuteasabutton82

    Haha, I love the expression ‘used teabag feeling’! I know exactly what you mean. Hopefully after a few days of non-craftiness you will spring right back to being your normal creative self!

  4. craftytrog

    I was feeling a bit like that at the end of last year Jill, till I started the Art Journaling class, & wham!!! I can’t stop! I’m sure you’ll be back to normal soon.
    Love that crocheted edging, a great look on the scarves!
    Alison x

  5. Patch

    I’m impressed with your sharp crochet hook and your pretty edgings. Tempted to get one myself. Hope your mojo is back to full strength soon and if you have any to spare send it this way… From another Used Teabag xx

  6. gentlestitches

    Sorry about your doldrums but the hook is realy exciting and you have done great things with it. I used to think I had seen everything but the blogging world reminds me on a daily basis I have not. Thanks for showing me this hook. I am going to have a lot of fun with it!!!

  7. Pam

    not bad creativity for a used tea bag :-) Hey, I have an idea for you…how about some Ndebele crochet? Do you think that has a market?


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