up and running again

((…possibly with thanks to Maryanne at woolhogs for reminding me that a new Made-It Challenge is underway.))

Take a little circle of twigs that you may have lying around; spray it white; crochet seven little flowers and sew a button into the centre of each one; stick the flowers on the twigs with a glue gun. Once again, be careful not to burn your fingers. Unlike me.



You now have a wreath. You need to find a use for it. Suggestions: You can hang it on the wall. You can wear it on your head. You can decorate a gift with it. You can use it as a table centrepiece. You can attach the bodies of dead mice and hang it on the patio as a warning to other mice that cats live here. Or you can just look at the thing and think, Oh halleluja, that making urge is back…!!!!!!!

To be continued…


28 thoughts on “up and running again

  1. Gail

    Hallelujah indeed very happy for you. Just wondering who, apart from you, would have a little circle of twigs lying around!! xxx

  2. cuteasabutton82

    Ooo, lovely idea! My Christmas wreath is still up (it’s actually been there since Christmas 2011 – oops!) and could do with a spring-ish update. I may well have my own version to share soon!

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