out of town

I am officially “on holiday”, although it might seem to a spectator that I am doing exactly what I always do but just in a different place – crocheting, reading, crocheting, visiting wool shops, crocheting, going to markets, thinking about crocheting, crocheting, reading crochet blogs. Also eating. We went to the Wild Oats farmers’ market in Sedgefield yesterday to stock up – farm butter, pickled fish, artisanal bread, feta, cream cheese, chicken pies, pork pies, shark’s bite chilli sauce, apricot chutney, horse radish sauce, cranberry fudge, homemade lemonade, lammingtons…oh boy, I’m going to have to let all my seams out.

Back in a few days.

17 thoughts on “out of town

  1. rowena

    Cranberry fudge sounds tasty… and I just had to look up what a lammington is. If it’s the chocolaty coconut covered bits of cake, we have them here too, but I would never have known what to call them, apart from the universal ‘chocolaty coconutty thingammies’.

    But isn’t there always a bit of give in crocheted things – no need to let out the seams!

  2. gentlestitches

    Oh! I thought Lammingtons were just in Australia! Yum! I am glad they are enjoyed in other parts of the world too.


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