Rabbit on the run

While there’s no guarantee that an item on my To Do list will ever actually get ticked off, it has to at least be on the list to stand any chance at all. I’ve been wanting to make one of Janette’s rabbits ever since I saw them (here), so yesterday’s list had a “Rabbit” entry.


And it got done! Here it (he? she?) is, freshly stuffed, and checking out the originals on Janette’s post.


She (feels right) then went to see who else lives here, and ended up having a little rest with a sheep on my bed.


The last I saw of her was at about 9.30 last night, when Rob was leaving after having supper with me (Moroccan chicken* and rice with lentils, in case you’re curious). His goodbyes were quite hurried and I couldn’t help noticing an unusual rabbit-shaped bulge under the left shoulder of his t-shirt. And when I went to bed later, the sheep was alone.

I must thank Janette from The Green Dragonfly for her lovely pattern and tutorial, with such brilliant instructions. All her patterns and projects are always absolutely gorgeous, and sometimes I just scroll through them to remind myself of all the other things I should add to my lists. Although, I see I still have a “cat” entry from yesterday’s list… maybe later, after the laundry…

* I cheated a bit, using Ina Paarman’s Tomato and Chili Coat-and-Cook sauce. I’m sure the addition of a pinch of cumin made the dish authentically north African?

Bye for now…   100_6863

35 thoughts on “Rabbit on the run

  1. rowena

    You’ve made me smile this morning – thank you. Something about your rabbit sitting on the PC keyboard to have its photo taken with the other rabbits on the screen has tickled me!

  2. onoodlesstitchcraft

    He he he, I was also moved to do a hooky hoppy bunny and have made 2 1/2! They will be appearing on my blog soon! I wonder if there will be a bunny takeover in Blogland?!

  3. cuteasabutton82

    She’s so cute! And thanks for the introduction to another lovely blog – I’ve already spent about an hour reading through past Green Dragonfly posts!! My fingers are just itching to start making some new patterns :)

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  8. Linne

    Hi! I’m following you now (found you via Gentle Stitches’ blog. I have re-blogged your post, as I think some of my followers will love your work, too. If you mind, please let me know asap.
    Loved your story, too. ~ Linne


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