feeling sheepish

In just a few short minutes online this morning, I feel like I have been bombarded by amazing crochet patterns and designs from blogs and websites and shops worldwide and about thirty of them have my hands itching to get going. But I’ve been disciplined – I forced myself to finish my hat.


I’ve used this pattern by Jennifer Appleby many times, and it’s always turned out well. This time I used a Stylecraft Life DK in Denim and a 3.5mm hook (because the yarn seemed finer than other DKs to me).  [[Please note my gorgeous hook with funky handmade handle that the wonderful Lisa at Yarnchick sent me a while ago. She sent me three, actually, and I use them all the time.]]

Too impatient to wait for Alex to get home from varsity, I have had to use a sheep as my model.

100_6908 100_6909 100_6910

But I’m sure you’ll agree, the hat suits him very well, worn either over one ear to the side, or pulled right down like teenagers and women with bad hair days wear. I added a pompom instead of a button.

Sheep I love pompoms. Don’t know why I don’t make more of them, actually.

To be continued…


22 thoughts on “feeling sheepish

  1. Maryanne

    Ahhhhh sweet! Lovely hat Jill and the colour is stunning. Alex will love it although I think you may have trouble convincing Sheep to part with it.

    Ps what are you going to make with the Knitting Bee??

    PPs, you just inpired me to post a pic of something I was sent this morning…gotta go!

    1. Nice piece of work

      I’m glad. But isn’t this late in the year for you guys to still be having snow? I’m thinking it’s very late for us down here to still be having such high temperatures….don’t know what’s up with the weather.

  2. Gail

    Love the hat and the colour. You missed my birthday party (hint hint).

    Think you need to make the sheep a whole range of hats in different colours. A sheep always needs to decide on the day which hat will suit that day’s mood.

  3. tgonzales


    I love the hat and I bet it will look adorable on your daughter. Heck, I bet it would have looked great on you too. :) I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.

    Love and Hugs,

    1. Nice piece of work

      I am very fond of the sheep, or at least as fond as I can ever be of a stuffed toy. I think it’s because it’s quite big, feels like something more substantial than a bear. And sometimes I rest my book on her stomach when I’m reading in bed flat on my back…!!! hahaha

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