shawl/scarf share and Alex knits

This is a fabulous pattern for a shawl – it’s the Sausalito Shell by Gail Tanquary. It was free via Crystal Palace Yarns, and here’s a link to the pattern if you want to download it: Sausalito Shawl.

A while ago I made it with acrylic yarn and a 4.5mm hook, and it turned out really well:


On the weekend I decided to make it again, but differently. I used 2 strands of Vinni’s dk cotton and a 5.5mm hook, and chained 199 instead of 274, to compensate for the extra thickness.

After 4 rows I realised I wasn’t going to have enough cotton in Slate to make the full shawl, but NO WAY was I going to scrap any labour! I added half a row of shells in the centre to give it a bit of a curve, and then 2 rows of double crochet along one side in a contrasting colour.


It’s made a lovely chunky scarf which I have already worn twice. No-one has commented yet on how awesome it looks round my neck…but for the moment it’s enough for me to love it and admire it every time I walk past the mirror.

And then, in an extraordinary burst of enthusiasm from my previously totally disinterested daughter, Alex asked me to teach her to knit last night. I cracked my head quite badly on the side table as I fell off the couch in surprise. This is, after all, the girl who thinks handknitted things are not cool.


Anyway, I now have the pic to prove it. She is making a hat and has cast on and completed two rows of k2 p2 rib without a single mistake. She did say she found it hard to get it right and needed to take a little rest after the first row, and I like to think she has a new found regard for the cleverness of us knitters and crocheters. Hear me roar!

Back soon x

23 thoughts on “shawl/scarf share and Alex knits

  1. offthehookbykeke

    So pretty! Thanks for sharing :)
    It’s really difficult to teach my kids to knit/crochet as they are lefties and I am a righty. My youngest has learned a bit of crochet regardless :)

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      That’s great. I think it’s the desire to learn that overcomes any ‘difficulty’ between lefties and righties? Maybe one just reaches a stage where you want to throw yourself into it? I taught myself to crochet from a library book, and so did my friend who is a lefty. Thanks for commenting :-)

  2. tgonzales

    Hi Jill!

    I think your shawl/scarf is pretty awesome. I’m so glad that your daughter is coming around to the crafty side (maybe). The hitting your head and falling off the couch was very funny. Thanks for making me laugh this morning, I needed it.


  3. Gail

    Perhaps as well as washing her hands before a meal Alex should knit 2 rows or if she cooks, then you have to knit 2 rows for her. Lovely that you are able to share your skill with her. xxx

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Well, I am naturally quite an impatient person but, despite that, I quite enjoyed our little session. We did another 2 rows again this afternoon. At this rate, the hat will be finished by December 2015.

  4. knitnrun4sanity

    Well I LOVE it. Everyone else must be blind. Well done for adapting the pattern – you will be having your own one published next (maybe you should practice with this one?)

  5. The Little Room of Rachell

    Good for her. She’s wrong as we all know; knitting and crochet really is cool at the moment.
    Don’t mean to be rude – but – tell her to get 8 good hours sleep a night she looks cream crackered!

    >Concerned from England<


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