my jeans have shrunk!

Right, that’s it, I’m going back to Weigh-Less. About two years ago I reached my ‘goal’ weight and felt happier, healthier, and a whole lot more cougar-ish (ha ha). But I’ve managed to let a good few kilos slide back into their old positions since then, and now I must face the consequences. All my jeans have shrunk. I’ve found a group in Gardens that meets at 9.45 on Saturday mornings, so I’ll be on my way there shortly.

Yesterday (Friday) afternoon on the couch was so peaceful: crochet, David Attenborough, and a box of rusks.

100_7068 100_7069 100_7070

There are another three discs in the Life series for me to watch while I make my slippers, but clearly I’ll have to switch to carb-free viewing from now on. Sigh.

Back soon x


37 thoughts on “my jeans have shrunk!

  1. rowena

    Good luck. I’ve been having similar problems recently, but without your resolve, but inspired by your example, I might be a dolly step closer to doing something!

    1. Nice piece of work

      Well, I blame the long summer (see Gail’s comment as well)…
      I’m not likely to be the person to inspire anyone when it comes to weight loss, but I’ll add a WeighLess-related note now and then just so you know I’m still on it.
      I’ve done it before and actually there’s nothing hard or unsustainable about it, it’s just a sensible food plan that one needs to follow for enough days in a row to achieve loss. Once I’m back in the swing of it, I don’t feel too deprived or miserable. And the plan is flexible enough to allow for a pizza and a beer now and then. A very small pizza, granted, and a very lite beer…but still. :-)

  2. silverblackbird

    I’m with you on the jeans-shrinkage. Mine always seem to over winter! Your afternoon sounds wonderful though, I too ended up with crochet and Attenborough yesterday :) Rusks…what are they? Don’t think we get them over here!

    1. Nice piece of work

      what??? you don’t know what rusks are? you must live in siberia or one of those tiny islands off the coast of tierra del fuego! Rusks are soul food for South Africans. A rusk is perfect at breakfast, lunch, supper, midnight snack, mid-morning coffee time, mid-afternoon tea time, and all the times in between. They come in different flavours and size variations, you need to be prepared to spend a very long time finding the rusk that is perfect for you. Clearly, I have done just this – and now I have to go rusk-less for a few weeks.

      1. Linne

        Should you be sharing this information with people planning to go to Weigh-Less? Or people like me who ought to, but likely won’t?? (at least not in the foreseeable future . . .) LOL
        Rusks sound like perfect food to me . . . good thing they’re in South Africa and I am here in Alberta, Canada. Although I’d move for the weather just about now . . . and the rusks!
        I love those slippers! Where did you get the pattern? ~ Linne

  3. now at home mom

    My jeans have shrunk too! just kidding, I’ve put on a couple of extra pounds lately too! I need to start eating healthier but I can’t resist chocolate and desserts! I wish you good luck and hope you will be successful :-)

    1. Nice piece of work

      Yes, I’ve seen all your baking and chocolate-egg making!!! It makes me drool. But I bet you are skin and bone, you have an active little boy to run around after! I am also very lazy and hardly move at all some days. Clearly this is taking a toll.

    1. Nice piece of work

      Thank you, Katherine, I’m honoured to have been the subject of one of your posts – I’m really glad you like the cushion and I’m happy to think of a little part of Cape Town in a little part of Kansas!

  4. Gray

    You know, my jeans have shrunk too. I’m still trying to convince myself to start running in order to make the jeans fit properly again; but I haven’t quite worked up the motivation yet. Good luck to you!

      1. Gray

        I did fairly well with it for a long time, and then I got comfortable (house, husband, kids), gained an extra 20 pounds (not sure what that is in kilos), and have maintained that weight ever since. It’s a constant battle to lose the weight, but then again, I’m not really trying all that hard, either.

  5. Gail

    Its the hot hot summer that caused your jeans to shrink because it was far too hot to do anything other than loll around inside so your jeans are sulking. Now that autumn is here its cool enough to take your jeans out for a brisk walk so they’ll soon perk up and fit you again. xxx

  6. Patch

    Having been away on holiday for a couple of weeks I will have to get back to it at Sliiming World next Wednesday :( Don’t think it will be good news at all because we have eaten and drunk MUCH of all the wrong things and it was great :D So I definitely need encouragement to get back to it or my jeans will soon be shrunken too. PS. Only rusks here are the ones for babies, and they are a bit frowned upon too!

  7. tgonzales

    Hi Jill!

    I understand how you feel about your weight gain and I wish you good luck on losing as much as you need to. By the way I love those Oma slippers and I especially love how you take the time to sew on those non-skid bottoms. I think I need to make a pair of them too.

    Love and Hugs, Tamara

      1. tgonzales

        I might have mentioned them, but I have never made any. I found them one time and have always wanted to make some. When I look at yours it makes me want to make them even more! Thanks for the inspiration and I will have to go and see if I bought the pattern already or if I need to go and purchase it. Have a great day! Love, Tamara

    1. Nice piece of work

      yes, you did seem to have a very protracted and very cold one up there on your little island. Keeping the body well-fuelled during such adverse conditions is essential for survival of the fittest. (Sorry, I’ve been watching some more David Attenborough ! hahaha)


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