Some snippets from my week

There’s enough of a nip in the air now to warrant wearing slippers all the time, as opposed to going barefoot! Alex found an experimental pair with blue flowers at the bottom of a box of stuff:
and I have these, also a bit of an experiment, made with homemade t-shirt yarn, and extremely cosy with socks: (I said cosy, not elegant!!!)
This exquisite crucifix bookmark was made by Jane from Rainbow Junkie Corner, and sent to me as a gift because I made the list of her top five commenters (commentators?). I promised it to Karen, the only overtly Catholic friend I have, but of course I’m a bit sorry now. Here it is on Karen’s dressing table. Thank you, Jane, it was very kind of you to go to all the trouble of making and posting it :-)
Then it was Rudy’s birthday lunch on Thursday, so I knocked up a tin can cosy for one of those starfish succulent things (can never remember what they’re called, but I love the way that little baby ones grow out around the sides when they’re in a bed):
Finally, Jonathan asked me to make him a Jayne hat. I said Sure, not having a clue what that was but, hey, sometimes I like a challenge. There are already free patterns on the internet for them, so I chose this one by Erika Barkoff : Jayne hat.
My colours are a lot more vibrant than they look in my photo, but I have a feeling it should be a bit bigger. Jono has a big head!
Back soon x

14 thoughts on “Some snippets from my week

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Yip, you too Ingrid. Turns out the hat is a bit small for Jono’s head, as I feared, but it will fit his 13yr old son perfectly and I’m busy knitting another one for his big old head :-)

  1. tgonzales


    I loved seeing the things that you have been working on. You probably already know that I especially love the slippers, of course the can cozy is cute too, oh heck I love the hat too. You simply amaze me by your crafty talent. Thanks for sharing. Stay warm!

    Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. Maryanne

    Seriously, do you have clones??? (I said clones, not clowns…i know you were thinking that!) You amaze me at how much you do, and of course, how brilliantly you do it. I’m once again inpsired to go and save all my tins….it looks FAB! Your slippers are simply sublime! Well done YOU

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