Friday update

So, I was right about the size of Jono’s head – the Jayne hat was way too tight, so I knitted him another one and he gave the first one to his eldest son, Max.  (Two Firefly fans in one family, what are the odds!?)

Here I am wearing Jayne hat #2.  jayne two

And you don’t have to say it – when it comes to photography, I’m a natural, I know. Thank you.

Then I made more hats.  Autumn, here, remember? I guess they look pretty stupid just lying there like this, but I didn’t want to hit you with two pics of me in a hat in one post.


I made these patterns up. Sort of. The brown and maroon stripey one is a larger variation on the CrossStitch slouch that I’ve made many times before, and I don’t often do stripes but the recipient loved it! She has dreads, and wanted something big enough to accommodate them but not so big around the brim that the whole thing would slip off.  When I’d finished it, it looked humungous so I did a red one. It fits me very nicely, not like the black one below that was made last year, which will possibly be turned into a bag.

too big  (Oops, sorry, that’s two after all.)

Another hat but this one with little bear ears for a baby. Anne is officially our Chief Baby Beanie Maker but I suddenly got the urge to try one myself.  I’m not big on faces so, hey, could be anything you want – meerkat, squirrel, pug? Heh.


In other news, I’ve been whipping up as many pairs of house slippers as I can for the Kirstenbosch Market on Sunday. We have a new spot there (I did mention that Jam Tarts is now a Permanent Vendor, hey?) and I’ve just taken delivery of five stunning wooden crates made for me by Colin at the Carpenter’s Workshop; these will be used in our new-look display, which we’ve been working hard on. Will post a pic after Sunday. Very excited.

I’ll leave the other makes for my next post, don’t want to overwhelm you and think I never do any ‘real’ work…

Back soon x


21 thoughts on “Friday update

  1. tgonzales

    Hi Jill!

    I love all your hats and the one of you in the huge one was priceless!!!! :) I’m so happy for Jam Tarts to be a permanent vendor and I can’t wait to see your new display. Have a great weekend and good luck on your market.

    Love and Hugs, Tamara


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