I need a man

wait, that sounds wrong – I mean, I need a man’s opinion!
I’ve had two orders for slippers for men, so needed something with a squarer shape and more ‘masculine’ look. I decided to purchase another pattern from Tara Murray on etsy at Mamachee because her womens’ slipper pattern has been such a hit and I love it.

Here’s my version for the boys:
100_7288 100_7289

and I’d really like a man to comment on (a) the colour, (b) the shape, (c) the button strap, and (d) anything else? Maybe a man wouldn’t be keen to put anything crocheted on his big manly feet at all? (although the fact that I’ve already had orders suggests otherwise). I am still searching for a cotton or yarn equivalent to the chunky natural one I use, but in different colours. I have even asked a hand-dye company if they would dye for me but apparently it wouldn’t work well on very thick and already-twisted cotton. Using two strands of DK cotton doesn’t work either, it’s still too ‘floppy’ for slippers.

Anyone? Rob? Brad?

18 thoughts on “I need a man

  1. tgonzales

    Hey Jill!

    That’s so funny because I purchased Mamachee’s Opa slippers pattern too. I asked my husband if he would like a pair and he said of course he would. This is just a suggestion to your question about another yarn to use; have you thought about hand dying the finished slippers yourself and continue to use the yarn that you love to make them from? By the way I’m not a man but I love your Opa slippers. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. Nice piece of work Post author

    Rob actually came up with that idea a couple of weeks ago, but Vinni has told me that it will be difficult to get the dye to take all the way each strand, so I’ll most likely end up with blotches. It’s worth a try, though, so I will certainly experiment. A happy M day to you, too. xxx

  3. Words of Little Relevance

    How about from a James?

    I love the idea of them and indeed the style. I would happily slip my big manly feet into them. I think the first picture looks less feminine whereas if I wore the pair with the green contrasting strap, I would feel that I’d possibly stolen a girl’s slippers.

    So I love them, but particularly like the first pair. If you ever decide to make lots of them, I’m a UK size 12.

    James x

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Wow, thank you, James, I’m so glad you took the time the reply, it’s really kind of you. And I appreciate your comments. The one in the first pic was slightly more squared at the toe, and the strap colour was better, I agree. Can I put you on my Market Research Mens’ Department panel? xxx

      1. Nice piece of work Post author

        Right, lad, where do your big manly feet reside? I’ll make a plan and get a pair to you. As it happens, I am just reading some of your posts. That’s one amazing baked alaska. Is Catherine your wife? Why does she look so happy? Oh, right, the baked alaska !!!

      2. Words of Little Relevance

        Well both of my feet live a very long way, due North of you – in England. Catherine is a friend with whom I share a house and yes, that Baked Alaska was huge – but we managed it between us, just!

      3. Nice piece of work Post author

        I know you’re in England!!! Mail me your address, please. (Don’t put it in this blog reply, you’ll just be inundated with valentine’s cards…)

  4. Maryanne

    Heehee, well your title certainly got MY attention!

    Absolutely love them and I’m going to ask Dan what he thinkgs. I agree with James above – the all-in-one-colour looks the best to me (if I were a guy) otherwise the colourful strap would suit me any day. Have you tried the make these in Cotton On? I know there’s only the choice of natural but if you could find a way to dye them, they are quite stiff which men may prefer??

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      This is Cotton On :-) It’s perfect for the slippers but, as you say, the choice is between natural, natural and natural. I would be interested to hear your husband’s opinion, thanks. :-)

      1. Maryanne

        Oh doh! How silly of me, I thought it was 2 strand of cotton. This might be mad but have you tried 4 strands of Vinnis. I’ve looked at the cotton on and untwisted its about the same (4 strands) what size hook are you using? I just tried to crochet a few rows of 4 with a 6 hook and it worked ok?!!

  5. Patch

    Hmmmmm, dying them yourself might not colour all the fibres but it might create interesting effects. There would also be a difference between dying the yarn before making them up and after making them up. You could say the imperfections in the overdoing process is a feature of the slippers. (Like what it says on labels sometimes!). Might be worth an experiment?? They look great but, speaking as someone who has a gorgeous pair of cream/natural slippers on right now….. They rarely look cream and gorgeous! Usually quite filthy and grubby. Or perhaps I should not be such a scumbag and should wash them more often lol! Nah, darker colours are the way forward!!

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to put all this down, Trish. I think you are right about darker colours, plus it would really really be nice to be able to offer a range of colours, even if only 3 or 4. As for your own slippers, I have to say that I find washing works pretty well for getting the dirt out !!!! hahaha So, experiment time coming up — will post the results :-)
      But did you see what James said? He LOVES the natural cream look!

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      That is a stunning pattern, very masculine with all those ribbed bits around the side. What I did when I made this first pair was to start making my own small adjustments to the design BEFORE finishing it and seeing how it would actually turn out. This is typical of me, I want to run before I can walk. Ice skate before I can hobble. hahaha But thanks to Frank for the comment, I appreciate that. I agree about the one colour thing, that green strap thing of mine was a bit off. And of course anyone who calls me “little lady”…obviously hasn’t met me in person.

      PS. Stiff? reference to what?


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