another neck thing

You know when you shorten a t-shirt and you just chop it off along the bottom, you’re left with a perfectly good loop of fabric?

– and you think, hmmm, this could be something – but what?

So, here’s a suggestion:


I made holes along one side with my Sharp hook, then dc-ed all round, then just made it up as I went with a couple rows dcs and some shells. Used Vinni’s DK Nikkim 100% cotton in purple-pink, I thought it made a lovely contrast with the grey. And honestly, it took about an hour!



Sheep is also keen on it, but got into a bit of a tangle trying to do the head wrap.

100_7441     100_7442

I said, “Listen, Sheep, if ewe like the colour so much I’ll make ewe your very own scarf, it doesn’t have to be an infinity loop thing.” I got a sheepish look in response.

Back soon x

40 thoughts on “another neck thing

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      1. shantierfranklin

        When clothes get like that, I call them home clothes! I honestly thought that my family were the only ones that did that. I feel you with the old bag lady look! I am a pro!!

  2. Kathryn Rubidoux

    Cute! I like grey and pink, it’s a good combo. I’ve never had to shorten a t-shirt, perhaps a trip to the second hand store is in order.

  3. yarnchick40

    Bwahahaha! Thanks for starting my day off right ~ the lamb photo was priceless!!!!
    This is an awesome idea, very clever use of the leftover and so, so stylish! Great job :)

  4. onoodlesstitchcraft

    Ingenious. This works really well. Great idea. I love reusing. Only I have never had to shorten a t-shirt! What will I do? Do you think they will notice if I secretly turn their clothes into crop tops? Only one way to find out…

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      If you are a teenager, like my daughter, you will not have this problem because you will want everything to be shorter :-) You could always chop up an unwanted t-shirt, or sew a strip of t-shirt fabric into a loop…

  5. onoodlesstitchcraft

    he he he, I think at 20 and 22 and long lanky males my sons would not be amused if I doctored their clothes, especially as son no. 1 is a designer! I will however use one of the t-shirts donated by a friend to my fabric box, just the job!

  6. gentlestitches

    ewe reminded me that I really wanted one of those sharp hook things. Fab neck thingy, quite inspirational. I love up cycling and reusing. Sheep is adorable. :)


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