Purple it is!

I tend to clam up and go all introverted in a room full of people I don’t know (parties? do people even have those any more?…dinner parties, workshops, seminars, that kind of thing), but have never found it hard to approach a total stranger and say how much I love the unusual and/or gorgeous item that she is wearing (it’s usually a she, men are pretty boring, let’s face it) and please can I photograph it. Here’s a stranger from two days ago:


Her name is Elsabe and she was having a fresh-air break outside the building where I used to work.  She told me that she doesn’t knit herself, and bought this mini-poncho thing from someone at a market. (I love her purple hair, too, wish I could carry it off.) (And it reminds me of someone in Wichita!)

Here’s the back view:

We figured it was basically a long rectangle stitched together at one side, at a sort of angle. It’s no surprise that I love a whole bunch of different colours and textures mixed together, and in fact have something similar coming off my crochet hook at the moment (a cowl in autumn rusts and oranges and crimsons). Nearly nearly done, just one more episode of Sewende Laan

Back soon x


35 thoughts on “Purple it is!

  1. tgonzales

    Oh my Gosh Jill, you have found my South African twin. I love the all over purple and that shawl is sooooo darn cool. Were her glasses purple as well? This is so strange because I have been eyeing a shawl made the same way but it’s crocheted. Not furry or textured like this but this inspiring piece might make me want to get out that fuzzy stuff to add some texture to it. Ok, now I know what my next project will have to be…..a crocheted rectangular shawl coming together at that very same place. Thanks so much for sharing this perfect stranger with the purple hair. :)

    Love and ((((HUGS)))) from Wichita!

  2. Brenda B.

    I absolutely LOVE that shawl she is wearing–in my favorite color–PURPLE!! Thanks for the post.. I wish I could find that shawl somewhere–or make one myself!

  3. Gail

    Oh wow, Jill, I love the shawl and the hair. I’ve asked my daughter-in-law to make one for me.

    In my giddy youth, 30+ years ago, I had the front of my dark brown hair peroxided blonde and washed in gentian violet to make the blonde a dark lilac/purple. When I got home from the hairdresser my son of 2 clung to his granny and screamed and the dog barked at me! I loved it but my hair decided it didn’t approve of gentian violet and retaliated with the most ghastly dandruff.

  4. Kathryn Rubidoux

    Love it! I wonder how I would look with purple hair… oh wait, I know what I look like with purple hair, nevermind. Forgot about that episode in high school. That poncho is the perfect inspiration for the shawl I have been wanting to make, great timing.

      1. Kathryn Rubidoux

        I have all that novelty yarn from my sister and I’ve having trouble visualizing it together, but your photo of her poncho helped pull it together for me.

  5. cuteasabutton82

    I love it! My Mum just finished knitting a teeny tiny version of this for a baby – it looked pretty cute in pink, but I love the idea of big bold colours too. I may have to have a go at this when the weather turns colder :)

  6. gentlestitches

    I love the way people mix yarns these days. When I was growing up everything was so regulated and uniform and dull. Praise came in the way of “my word, you have such a neat row of pin tucks!” I love color and texture and love seeing it worn and wearing it! I wish I could have a cup of tea with you and Katherine too! :)

    1. Nice piece of work

      Well, I wish I could have a cup of tea with Katherine, too, but Cape Town’s a bit far from Wichita. But hey, I’ll keep buying those lottery tickets and maybe I’ll win and then, who knows,maybe one day we can all have a big bust-up international tea party – we can all fly in!!! Things were a bit dull and conventional when I was growing up, too. When I was five I had a pair of pink plastic glittery high heels – that was the highlight. And now – well, EVERYONE has a pair of those, even the guys.

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