Carol’s debut

When Anne and I were trying to come up with ways of zooting up our market display, I suggested that we get a head (to put hats on, you know). Megan overhead this and made gagging gestures. Anne sniggered disparagingly. Even Rob seemed grossed out.

But a couple of weeks ago I found Carol languishing forlornly at Milnerton Flea Market, and the guy said he only wanted R50 for her, so – end of story.

So you know what? that’s fine, they can laugh all they want, and maybe I won’t even take Carol to market now, especially not if they’re going to call her rude names like Chuckie-on-a-stick or whatever, but I will use her for my blog. And facebook. And as a decoy when I have to drive somewhere on my own at night (I’m not kidding, people do this in this country, the idea being that if hijackers are on the prowl, they are less likely to pick a vehicle with two people in it; my mother has a broomstick with a Chinese wig and a bowler hat that she props up on the passenger seat, and so far it’s worked well for her).

Anyway, here’s Carol, in all her glory.


She is wearing the cowl I finished this afternoon, inspired by the lovely lady on a smoke break the other day (Purple it is!) and also by Stitched Up Mama, with her landscape textures…

100_7498  100_7496 100_7483

And yes, there are fingerless mitts to match but, like the rest of us, Carol also has her limits.


Back soon x

37 thoughts on “Carol’s debut

  1. Patch

    Is Carol going for the Sinead O’Connor look or was it a truly bad hair day so she chopped it all off?? Good job she has a cowl to keep her warm ;)

  2. yarnchick40

    I rather like Miss Carol. How about adding some jewelry or a tattoo? Some more make-up, an eyebrow ring and a choker necklace would make her really edgy and draw in the goth crowd ;)

  3. gentlestitches

    I posted a hat on yarn along a while back and I really wished I had a Carol. I covet the cowl and tell Carol to tell people who make comments to “pull their heads in!” They are just jealous of her flawless retro beauty! :)
    ps. Has Sheep seen her yet?

  4. Joan Visser

    I think Carol is great and I can’t see why you can’t use her on your table. Ignore what others say and go for it. Would even be lovely to display necklaces. Your cowls are lovely too!

  5. tgonzales

    Hi Jill!

    Oh my gosh you make me smile! Carol is delightful and I don’t see any reason why you should hide her away. She should be able to wear your most beautiful hat or cow. (by the way the one you just finished is amazing) I also loved your fingerless mitts too. How many pictures did you have to take to get your hand in the photo? :) I also loved the story of your Mom’s stick friend. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Love and Hugs, Tamara

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I can tell you that, when I saw my face in the photos last night, I was happy to delete them all and use Carol whenever I could. I am still no good at selfies, and the harsh light in the kitchen can be very cruel :-)

  6. shantierfranklin

    Man, don’t listen to them! (Lol at Chucky on a stick!) If you put a wig on it, it will be fine. Also if you are doing stuff for cancer patients (for either them or their family to buy) she will be a perfect “showgirl”.

    You crack me up with your quirky adventures!

    1. Nice piece of work

      YES !!! You’ve said just what I had been thinking about but didn’t like to say too obviously – we actually get asked a lot about suitable hats and beanies for people undergoing chemotherapy, and that was exactly what I thought of when I found Carol. You realise tomorrow I’ll have to post something about Sheep, there’s a lot of jealous tension in the air around here….

  7. craftlyn

    Well at least Carol has a face. Mine looks disconcertingly like some featureless alien. I have been tempted to draw a face onto it, but fear I might end up with something far more frightening than the alien.

      1. craftlyn

        I guess you can’t go wrong with glitter and stuff! :D Maybe I could use some of the eyelash yarn I have lying around to crochet such a thing.

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  9. Jane

    Not sure why but the tears are rolling down my cheeks with laughter. I think that it was that last sentence. Anyway, Carol has beautiful skin. What moisturiser does she use? x


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