Friday !

Even though I don’t work a formal office week any more, I still get an atavistic little thrill when I wake up on Friday mornings. Fine with me.

So, a long time ago I was inspired by the lovely pencil cases that Crochet Missy was making. This is not going to be a pencil case but the style is similar, and in fact I’m not going to tell you what it’s going to be, you’ll have to wait until it’s finished. All I’ll say for now is that I LOVE working with cotton, and it took me ages to get a colour combination that I’m happy with – bluebell, sand, willow, purple-pink and lavender. All Vinni’s Nikkim, of course.


Back soon, happy Friday everyone :-)


20 thoughts on “Friday !

  1. Gail

    Love the colours in your non-pencil case, Jill. I also get a lovely TGIF feeling when I wake up on Friday mornings but, thankfully, no more Monday blues. Happy day. xxx

  2. Tamara

    Hi Jill!

    OH my gosh I love the colors you chose for your secret project. I can’t wait to see it finished. Have a great Friday!


  3. gentlestitches

    I worked shift work for most of my working life so I love that I my little “gentlestitches” business lets me now have a weekend with my friends and family. I didn’t mind shift work but I don’t miss it. I look forward to seeing your beautiful colored finished project.


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