Heat pad with crochet cover

Yesterday, Saturday, was a bit of a non-starter for me, so I just went with it and stayed in bed and finished my Kathy Reichs. I really had to force myself to get up mid-afternoon and go through the motions, but somehow I did – and managed to rouse enough energy to finish this – my heat pad. Ta-da!

crochet heat pad 011

Well, not exactly finished because the zip is still just tacked in. And knowing me, as I do, it will probably stay that way because I no longer think the zip is the best idea and I’ve started another one that will have three buttons to close it up instead.

Here’s what I did:  Using Vinni’s DK Nikkim cotton and a 4mm hook, chain 46. Work in dc and make a rectangle approximately 44 cm long.  Change colours to suit your fancy.

crochet heat pad 003

Weave in the ends, fold the rectangle in half, and sew the side seams together. Tack in a zip along the open edge, and if it’s a bit shorter than the seam, slip stitch the edges together where there’s a gap.

crochet heat pad 008

I used a metal zip, which turns out not to have been the best idea. Oh well, you live and learn.

crochet heat pad 012

Using thin cotton fabric, make an inner pad by cutting two pieces the same size as the crochet cover, and sew them together. Leave an opening so you can fill the bag with rice.

crochet heat pad 004

Turn the bag inside out, fill with rice* (I used 520g and added a few drops of lavender oil for a nice smell), and slip stitch the opening closed.

* Use a funnel to do this. I didn’t, and ended up with rice all over the floor.

Pop the rice bag into the microwave on 100% power for 3 minutes, insert into the crochet cover, and – there you have it.

crochet heat pad 009

The cotton has such a lovely feel to it, and I like to think it will keep the heat in for longer because it’s natural – but I could be wrong, and maybe acrylic yarn will work just as well. And about the rice – my mother uses wheat for her heat pads, which also seems to work well, but who the hell has wheat just lying around waiting to be used? My internet research shows that many different things can be used but that rice is perfectly good, won’t attract weevils and won’t give you a horrible surprise after being microwaved on full power. One woman claims to have used the same rice bag for over 15 years, so I’m going with her.

crochet heat pad 012        crochet heat pad 014

I’m thinking, this could be a good idea for an addition to the Jam Tarts ‘range’…. and thanks again to Crochet Missy for inspiring me to get this far.

Back soon x

33 thoughts on “Heat pad with crochet cover

  1. Tamara

    I love your idea of the crocheted cover. I have a bag filled with corn and I’m always afraid that the corn is going to start popping, but it never has. My Mom made it for me over 20 years ago and I still love it. I also wanted to mention to you that you can place the bag in the freezer for an ice pack. I rely on ice packs to help with my painful back problems or whatever else is hurting me. Anyway sorry for the rambling but I thing these little rice bags would be another wonderful addition to the Jam Tarts line. :) Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. Patch

    Was wondering what you would put inside as I know mine has wheat in it (bought it, didn’t make it). I reckon the rice will be fine.

  3. cuteasabutton82

    Lovely idea – I especially love the crochet cover :) I’ve thought for several years about making heat pads as Christmas presents, but always been a bit unsure what to use for the filling. Rice sounds like a good idea (especially since it’s so cheap!) Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I will carry on investigating different options, I have noticed that the rice smells slightly musty when it’s been heated – I;m hoping that the addition of scented oil will help that. Maybe even some dried lavender?

  4. Maryanne

    AWESOME, I love it!!!!! I’m very keen to make one except that I am the ONLY person on the planet that doesn’t own a microwave…yip, I’m one on THOSE people! Suggestions please :)

  5. knitnrun4sanity

    The softness jumps off the page. I still think that you need to be careful with rice – I am sure that I have read that it can catch fire? It is a great idea to crochet one of these though.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Now THAT’S a smart idea! (repurposing). I saw some very funky faux-fur heat pads in Mr Price recently, but I think the fur is so thick it won’t let the heat through well – I was thinking of turning the fur cover into a bag!

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  8. Deann

    You could also crochet a heating pack and close all side with the rice in the middle and heat it that way and freeze it to.


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