owl mitts

A shout-out to Janette at The Green Dragonfly for her lovely owl mitten pattern earlier this year. I note that she says she “whipped up a pair” for her daughter, and for some reason I spent days working on these (in between 6,000 other things).

I made these for Ms Anita and Ms Tanya Grasser, up in frosty Johannesburg.

owl mitts

A couple of these guys look a bit cross-eyed, but that is completely deliberate, ok, for extra character…

Back soon x

26 thoughts on “owl mitts

      1. Nice piece of work Post author

        You’ve just knitted SOCKS with dpns??? !!! That is amazing – I would never undertake anything so tricky, so trust me, if you can do that, you can crochet!!! It’s much easier than knitting. Sometimes I still get the urge to knit something, but crochet suits my impatient nature much better :-)

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