more mitts

Still with the mitts. Still cold here.

I made these purple ones slightly differently, sewing up the top and bottom of the rectangle for the side seam, so the crochet is in vertical rows instead of horizontal. [Note to self: this would be lovely in stripes, try that next time.] [Thanks, me]. The person who was going to wear these had asked for no trim at all (what? no fuzzy eyelash? no shells?) so I compromised by making a buttonhole band to go round the wrist, and attached it separately.

purple mitts 009

(Yip, I’m still using the same crap photographer – must get rid of her and find someone who really knows what they’re doing.)

purple mitts 003

Someone mentioned King Cole yarn in her blog the other day (sorry, can’t recall exactly whom!) but I’d never heard of it but, when I went looking for a good purple at Mama’s Wool and Habby, I found this – King Cole Big Value Double Knitting. Not so sure about the “big value”, at R47.00 for a 100g ball, but it was wonderful to work with so I would in fact be happy to use it again. I got 2 pairs of fingerless mitts out of it, and still have quite a bit left over.

Happy Wednesday to all of you, back soon x

9 thoughts on “more mitts

    1. Nice piece of work

      Aha, thanks for settling that loose thread in my head. I don’t think yours was called ‘Big Value”, though! Just out of interest, what does a 100g ball cost over on the Little Island?

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