a new venture for Jam Tarts

I’m too excited not to tell you about this now, even though I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. I’ve been working on the idea of putting together crochet kits, and the first ones are nearly nearly ready to go!

I’m thrilled with the cover, thanks to Coral-Leigh, who took Megan’s original logo and colours and made them work so well.

cover with border for blog

A “first draft” of the pattern, instructions and cotton for the first kit (for fingerless mitts) is on its way to Canada to be tested, and the others are semi-ready. My plans are to make up kits for headbands, neck ties, hats and photo frames, and they’ll include a yarn needle and threadcutters. It’s quite a mission putting the whole thing together, what with printing and instructions and cotton and dealing with wholesalers and packaging, etc… but I’m loving it, and expecting that it’ll be easier to be organised the more practiced I get.

I’ll be happy to get your comments on this – Have you ever bought a kit? Do you think a kit would appeal to someone who has never crocheted before?

Back soon x


31 thoughts on “a new venture for Jam Tarts

      1. little poppits

        welcome! I seem to have a bug on wordpress at the moment, can’t always comment! sure it’s not just you and me! bet it will be a huge success, good luck. xxxxx

  1. gentlestitches

    I think this is an exciting idea and good for gifts and teaching tools too. I rather like kits, they always attract my attention and I think they will very much appeal to beginners as well because the working out the materials and where to get them might put them off. I would like some so let me know when they are available. I have never actually seen crochet kits, only knitting ones. “hello class, today we are working with the Jam Tarts kits, included in your beginner packs” Seriously, I have beginner packs but an actual kit would be very helpful. :)

  2. terrimm

    I think this is a great idea. I personally haven’t bought a kit for myself, but would not be against the idea. I think they’d make great presents for beginners too, especially if it includes everything you would need.

  3. wildsherkin

    So excited for you! You are using all of your creative skills and talents so it makes perfect sense. I hope sales take off for you! I think they are perfect for beginners as you are making it easy for them to try as they will have everything on-hand and they are bite-sized projects. Well done and best of luck to you. :)

  4. now at home mom

    Congrats Jill, what a great idea this is! :-) & yes, if I would’ve seen a pretty kit I would’ve bought it and I don’t know anything about it! :-) & you can also buy these to give them as gifts :-) (colors are very pretty too!)


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