special fx

Am I one of the last slowcoaches to get onboard with glamming up my photos? Someone was looking at my listings on etsy the other day and suggested I try out an online editor called picmonkey. I gathered she thought my pics weren’t up to scratch and, when I looked at them again, I decided she was right.

It’s really very cool:
1. it’s free
2. user-friendly
3. intuitive
4. gives you zillions of options and fun things and textures and fonts and stickers… Two of the options under ‘touch-up’ is ‘teeth whitener’ and ‘wrinkle remover’. What’s not to like?

Here’s a before and after of someone who doesn’t yet have any wrinkles that need removing…
for nicola

alex blog

…but wait til I get started on the ones of her mother!

Back soon x


29 thoughts on “special fx

  1. Patch

    No you are not the last because I haven’t tried it either. Although I did hear about it a while ago and meant to hav a try…. Then forgot! Thanks for reminding me ;)

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Oh good. I just searched on ‘picmonkey’ in the wordpress reader, there are three or four really great looking posts all about it, I’ll look at those tomorrow (it’s nearly my bedtime now) ;-)

  2. Gail

    I am so in awe of anyone who knows how to transfer a photo from their phone or camera onto a computer and then add a caption to the pic, that monkeying around with wrinkles is right up there with flying to the moon. xxx

    1. daniellajoe

      It is not hard to do, take the pic on the phone click the button that says edit and make changes then you click to save then take the charging cord and pull out the cable and insert this cable in the USB port (usually it is on the front panel of your computer) then follow the directions when it says to import…

  3. shantierfranklin

    I REALLY needed this! My camera on my phone is bad (it dropped the one time that it wasn’t in its case and it hasn’t been right since) and I am not that great with Photoshop. Thanks for the link and the pic looks awesome!

  4. tgonzales

    Wow Jill that’s great. How did I miss this post? Anyway I love the picture of Alex and the cowl even before touch up. Thanks for the information about the picmonkey program. I am certainly going to try it. I need all the help that I can get. :) Love and Hugs, Tamara


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