sunny sunday

Today was the third day of an unseasonably warm sunny spell in the middle of what really should still be winter here. Jessie took the opportunity to tan her tummy.

4 aug 013

Some of the flats where I live are having new uPVC windows and frames installed, and the old wooden ones are getting chucked out. They aren’t particularly quaint, since the complex was only built in the 1960s, but still – an old frame’s an old frame, right?


I bought new sandpaper last week for the belt sander that Rob inherited from his dad. I asked the man in the hardware shop for very coarse sandpaper and he said, Okay but be careful, it’s really coarse. Maybe you should try something a bit finer? Nah, I said, I don’t want to mess around. I should have listened – a couple of secs of power sanding with the coarse stuff got me right down to the wood, much further than I’d wanted to go.

blankets 009

I had to repaint it.  And put Rob in charge of the sanding process this time:

4 aug 003

And now I have this:

4 aug 005
4 aug 008

Not owning a spirit level meant we had to go by eye, but my eye never was very good when it came to getting things straight. I used to do a lot of sewing in my 20s, and never ever managed to get a straight hem on a skirt or a dress.

Anyway, skew or not, I’m very pleased with my window with the turquoise doily bunting.

Back soon x


19 thoughts on “sunny sunday

  1. Kathryn Rubidoux

    Cute kitty! Love the frame too. If you ever get tired of having it on the wall, you can always add legs to it and make a coffee table with it.

  2. yarnchick40

    Great project! You could even doodle with some acrylic paint on the glass, maybe a lovely saying or your monogram and change it when the mood strikes.
    You have an awesome assistant, I wish I could get mine to help more. Mostly he just makes sure the background noise is either good music, football, or Sons of Anarchy. I suppose I can give him a pass for the occasional glass of wine being brought to me, you know hydration and all…
    So glad you shared a Jessie pic too – cats make the internet go ’round ;) Have great week!

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      My assistant is coming along nicely, and is starting to show some initiative. Actually, he got a bit too excited about the wool-winder yesterday, so I had to take it away from him.


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