How to turn a door into a shelf

1. Find an old door (a long time ago already)

2. Put it in a corner of the spare room and forget about it for a long time.

3. Suddenly remember the door and get the urge to do something with it. Carry it from the spare room to the patio, not realising how heavy it is. Put your back out. Spend the next three days lying on your back, swallowing Coxiflam, and decide you hate the f*$#ing door and never want to see it again.

4. Months later: take the wrong turn-off from the N2 one day on the way home from Milnerton and so drive past a vintage furniture shop in Salt River that you didn’t know existed.

5. Visit the shop immediately. See that much of what is being sold is revamped old stuff, and remember the blasted door and think about how nice it could look.

6. Be realistic and accept that you will not be the one to make it look nice because you never seem to have enough time. Also you swore never to touch it again.

7. Ask Rob to put the door in the car and go back to the shop and ask JP and Gerald to do their thing.

8. Go back when JP phones to say your door is ready. Take cash and Rob.

9. Get the door home. Allow Rob to put it up on the wall.

kit pics 061

kit pics 063

kit pics 064

10. Be as happy with it as if it was all your own work.


36 thoughts on “How to turn a door into a shelf

  1. craftlyn

    I really like this!!! If I had something like that I’d put a panoramic photograph of the ocean behind there and maybe con myself into thinking I had a nice view instead of a parking lot outside my real window.

  2. tgonzales

    Oh my gosh Jill! You made me laugh so hard. I have some of those projects too and know how you feel. I still say yes you deserve the credit for it; because you are the one that thought of it and made it happen. Thanks for making my day. Love, Tamara

  3. HammerLikeAGirl

    We end up doing the same thing often. Find something. Love it. Store it until PING one day inspiration strikes and POOF it becomes some kind of wonderful. Congratulations on hanging on to it. :) AWESOME!

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I always read your posts (don’t always comment, though – sorry!), loved today’s about the pendant light over your desk. You just have this knack of turning anything into something amazing that works. Kills me!!!!!! :-)


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