bags of progress

This is the fifth bag I’ve made now, which perhaps is significant (5 bags / pentagon = 5 sides, you know) and I’m finally happy with the pattern.

kit pics 069

I’m liking this colour combination, too – baby yellow, sunshine, burnt orange and brick red. I got some nice bricky red felt at Fabric City today, which will be perfect for the lining. The one pictured here is brown, but you can see what the shape is and get an idea of the magnetic clasp. (Both will be included in the kit, when it’s finally a “product”).

kit pics 067

So, Laura in the south of England put her hand up to test this one – thank you, Laura, I’m very grateful to you. And here’s a link to Laura’s lovely blog, Cute as a Button. She seems to be one of those people who manages to fit a greater variety of crafty stuff into her days than most people, and you know what they say – if you need something doing, give it to a busy person!

Bye for now, from a grey wintry wet windy Cape Town.

21 thoughts on “bags of progress

  1. The Little Room of Rachell

    Nice colour combo as others have also said.

    I keep coming across unread blog posts from you on BlogLovin, Im behind on my reading. It goes in phases and sometimes I run out of any new posts to read from anyone, now ive got 497 ish!


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