I thought I’d make a simple scarf,

Something pretty easy.

scarf 005

I thought I’d write the pattern down

and did so, bright and breezy.


I sent it off to Wichita


with some Vinni’s cotton,

scarf 010

So Tamara could check it out for me,

And see what I’d forgotten.

Long story short –

There’s quite a lot that I’d written badly.


So I’m sitting at my pc now

Crocheting and scribbling madly…

scarf 009

Happy Sunday, everyone !

16 thoughts on “verse

  1. tgonzales

    Oh my gosh, i had forgotten how poetic you are. I loved your poem and can’t wait to get the updated directions. Have a great Sunday! Love and Hugs from Wichita! Tamara

    1. Nice piece of work

      Thank you, I would love to call on you. How you will fit it in with your job, your boys, your husband, your home and the odd night out at the poker tables is beyond me, though – I wouldn’t want to add to your load :-)


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