little flower

There are gazillions of flower patterns on the internet, but I made this one up myself. However, there are only so many ways you can make a simple five-petal flower like this, so if it’s similar to anyone else’s – then, so be it!

flower 4

If you make one, will you let me know if my instructions were spot-on or not? **The stitches are in British terminology.

I used DK cotton and a 4mm hook.
Ch 3, dc 10 into the first ch, sl st into beg ch3.

Round 2:  Ch1, 3tr into next st, ch1. st into next st. Repeat 4 times. You should now have five petals.

flower 3

Round 3: Ch1, 1dc into next st, 3htr into next st, 1dc into next st, ch1, sl st into sp between petals. Repeat this 4 times. End off and pull tight, and weave in the ends at the back.

Quickly quickly go pick up your hook and a scrap of yarn…..!!!!!!!


20 thoughts on “little flower

  1. Maryanne

    Can you believe it, I googled “simple crochet flower tutorial” just last night and I still battled to follow the steps. This is the BEST flower pattern I’ve seen, without all usual “pattern-speak” Thanks hun xxx

  2. gentlestitches

    I really liked the flower pattern in my kit. It looks similar. I gave 2 of my kit bands to 2 sisters 11 and 16 who loved them.
    Let me know when the kits are ready “for real” because I have a gaggle of girls who are keen but novice crocheters and I want to but Xmas gifts for them.

  3. craftlyn

    I made one of these. Very cute! I assumed in round 2 it meant “sl st into next stitch”. I used an “H” hook and worsted weight as I am wont to do, and got a flower that is 2.5 inches at the widest point.

      1. craftlyn

        Yes, a chubby little flower. But still a nice size. I don’t do well with small hook sizes and/or yarn… I accidentally omitted one of the CH1s in round 3 so one of my petals leans a little but I like it!

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