brown blanket

I spent most of last Friday at my mom’s holiday house down the coast, supervising some repair work.
I went snooping around, as one does, and uncovered this blanket, lurking in a cupboard.

brown blanket 2

I’d made it for my mother a few years ago and had clean forgotten about it. I’d used up lots of browns and beiges and a bit of rust, and it was like seeing an old friend.

brown blanket 1

Then I wondered if she’d miss it if it wasn’t there the next time she comes for a holiday….. I have my first market of the season just one week from today (the Heritage Day market in Oranjezicht), and I’ve been too busy with my kits and freelance editing work to build up much stock. I think I have two items so far. Holy crap.

To be continued…

18 thoughts on “brown blanket

  1. Gail

    Maybe take the blanket to the market as a ‘not for sale’ sample to tempt people into giving you orders. It is a very tempting blanket.

  2. tgonzales

    I think Gail has a wonderful idea. Your Mom shouldn’t mind at all that you are going to borrow her afghan just for a while. :) By the way I love the afghan. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  3. Kathryn Rubidoux

    I had a good laugh thinking you were plotting to sell off your mother’s blanket! I needed that this morning. If I lived closer, I’d certainly help you with your stock. Maybe you can guilt Alex into helping out?


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