I have no idea what sound a koala bear makes so I’m imagining “kiki” would be okay. (Sharon, Sue, Jennifer in Australia – any comments?) 

My first effort:

koala 1

I used Repeat Crafter Me‘s basic pattern, and also looked at these two pictures for inspiration:

koala              koala from blogspt

(Click here for credit for the hat).

Some discussion ensued last night about the average size of koala’s ears – I’d always thought of them as having quite small ears and quite low down. Seems they don’t really. Some of them have HUGE ears, high up and fuzzy.  Shows what I know.

koala 5

(Click here for credit for this photo).

Poor Kiki, her ears are going to have to have plastic (yarn) surgery.

To be continued…


22 thoughts on “kiki

  1. gentlestitches

    the hat is squeal inducingly cute. Koalas make a grunty, hissy, warbly sound, but only for special occasions like calling to a mate or warning a joey. I think my fellow Aussies will agree Kiki is a perfect name! :)


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